The Breton cooperative group Even will grow in 2022 – Le Journal des Entreprises

Despite a year 2022 marked by hazards (war in Ukraine, inflation, drought), the Breton dairy cooperative group Even (6,040 employees) is in good health with an 11% increase in turnover in 2022, to 2 .5 billion euros. “All the lights are green even if part of this increase is linked to the price effect”, indicates President Guy Le Bars. This good performance enabled the cooperative to return results from its 603 farms to the tune of 10.8 million euros. In 2022, the group invested 54 million euros mainly to maintain its tools. The same envelope is planned for 2023. Not to mention the multi-year investment of 25 million euros over three years for the Créhen site (Côtes-d’Armor), where Mme Loïk cheese is produced“whose success is undeniable with double-digit growth once again”, specifies Christian Griner, the general manager of the group based in Ploudaniel (Finistère).

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