The CCEA collective requests a study on the impact of heavy goods vehicle taxation on the Alsatian network – Le Journal des Entreprises

Concerned about the project called R-Pass for heavy goods vehicle taxation, the CCEA collective made up of Alsatian economic players is asking the European Community of Alsace (CeA) for “an independent economic impact study of the R-Pass project on the competitiveness of companies Alsatian and the attractiveness of Alsace before any decision is taken”. This Collective for the Competitiveness of the Alsatian Economy, founded last spring by the Medef Alsace and its branches, transport and agriculture and agri-food professionals, opposes this local taxation project. He believes that it would have “almost zero effect on road traffic congestion” and threaten the attractiveness and competitiveness of the local economy. The R-Pass is supported by the CeA and could see the light of day by 2024-2025. In February 2022, Parliament gave the local authority the green light for the introduction of this tax on the Alsatian road network.

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