the certification decree modified by the summer

ECD “is transforming the real estate market by giving green value to homes and that’s a great thing”. On April 4, the minister responsible for housing presented the roadmap for improving the quality of the DPE, a process initiated several months ago, in the wake of the alert given by the unions of diagnosticians on the serious dysfunctions in this policy, supported by several studies and surveys.

This while, in fact, the DPE has taken on a singular importance in real estate transactions, for purchase or rental, because this document has been reformed, has become opposable and obligatory for any transaction, and because it serves as based on the timing of the ban on renting energy strainers.

The roadmap aims in particular to “strengthen the skills and standardize the practices of diagnosticians”while many professionals denounce aggressive prices giving rise to DPEs “cheap”carried out by people who are not or poorly trained and who do not always travel to the site.

Modification of the decree in the summer

As such, in the introduction to a government webinar for diagnosticians, Olivier Klein announced that the decree governing the certification of diagnosticians performing DPE would be modified by this summer. This in order, firstly, to reinforce the initial training necessary to access the certification,

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