The CMA AURA and AG2R La Mondiale continue their partnership in favor of crafts – Le Journal des Entreprises

The partnership agreement signed in 2021 between the Chamber of Trades and Crafts Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and AG2R La Mondiale Alpes et Rhône-Auvergne was renewed on Tuesday April 11. This partnership, in favor of craft businesses and for the economic development of the territory, is reinforced by new actions and aims to provide full support and personalized advice to the 234,000 heads of craft businesses established in the region. To do this, AG2R La Mondiale uses its network of expert advisers to provide craftsmen with a social and asset protection audit. CMA advisers will be trained in new mechanisms for the creation, development or transfer of businesses to provide tailor-made solutions and personalized advice. This strengthened partnership is part of an increasingly complex and changing legal, social and fiscal context.

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