The Cnoa asks to be received by Rima Abdul-Malak

After “hope” prompted by the Minister’s announcements in mid-April, “a new dynamic” must engage. This is why Christine Leconte, President of the National Council of the Order of Architects, (NOAC) asks to be received by Rima Abdul-Malak, in a letter dated April 25 and made public by the Council of the Order.

After three months of crisis within the Ensa (National Higher Schools of Architecture), whose students and staff denounce a chronic lack of means, their supervisory minister had spoken, in a letter to the 20,000 studentsto announce budgetary measures, as well as the relaunch of the National Strategy for Architecture, in particular.

“We need decisive action”

On this second point, Christine Leconte says to herself “ready to discuss the necessary avenues for development” with the minister. “The renewed National Strategy for Architecture that you are proposing must absolutely include the schools and training component in the reflection”indicates the president of the Order. “We need decisive actions for the future of architecture of general interest”.

“Architecture needs an assumed and voluntary acceleration to succeed in the ecological transition and an enrichment of training in this field”who wishes to adapt the training “to these new challenges”.

Interdepartmental work

“Not all the solutions come from the Ministry of Culture”, continues Christine Leconte, who insists on the interministerial work that should be initiated, on the subjects of construction and housing. In particular the bill Industry green, or the Green Fund, which are “opportunities for architecture”.

The Order is therefore asking the Minister to organize a meeting to discuss “the strategies and solutions that would allow the Ensa, and all the architects, to get out of the dysfunctional situations they are going through in the long term”.

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