The Consumer Electronics Show returns to Las Vegas in January 2023

The most important exhibition of technological innovation in consumer electronics was back in Las Vegas at the beginning of January. On the menu, the flying car, the autonomous stroller…

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, one of the biggest tech shows in the world, made its big comeback in January without COVID-19 rules. This edition, from January 5 to 10, 2023, attracted some 115,000 people and counted on the presence of 3,200 exhibitors. A few innovations marked this meeting.

The BMW i Vision Dee: a body with almost infinite patterns

In 2022, the German car manufacturer BMW had made an impression with its iX Flow model which was able to switch from black to white with a simple click. This year, the manufacturer has developed with the company E Ink a technology which offers a palette of 32 colors for its i Vision Dee model. BMW explains that the body of the car is made up of 240 independent segments, making it possible to generate an almost infinite variety of patterns.

Aska A5 eVTOL: helicopter or plane?

The Aska start-up presented a prototype of a flying car the size of an SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle). This vehicle is sort of a cross between a helicopter and a small plane. Equipped with four seats, a special hybrid electric motor, it switches from driving mode to flight mode by unfolding the wings, flaps and steerable propellers. It can take off and land vertically (vertical takeoff and landing – VTOL) or on short runways (short takeoff and landing STOL). The machine must still obtain approval from the Federal Aviation Administration, but the start-up is already taking pre-orders for the modest sum of 789,000 dollars per copy.

GlüxKind Ella: is there a driver in the stroller?

The Canadian start-up GlüxKind Ella presented a self-driving stroller, which received the Innovation Award at the fair. This stroller is able to roll by itself, autonomously next to the family when the child is not there. It is equipped with motors which allow assistance in pushing uphill when it is loaded, with shopping bags for example, and slowing it downhill. These are just a few of the options available. This stroller model will be available for sale next year in Europe for 3,300 dollars.

Withings U-Scan: clear urine

Withings, a French manufacturer of scales and smartwatches, has unveiled a home urinalysis device. This is installed on the toilet and works via an application. It will launch with two refillable analysis cartridges: the Cycle Sync, for menstrual cycles, and the Nutri Balance, to analyze pH, vitamin C or ketone. The device must still be approved in the United States, then it will be launched in the United Kingdom at a price of 500 euros.

Afeela: the PS5 on wheels

Sony has presented the Afeela, a prototype electric vehicle that will go on sale from 2026 in the United States. Made in collaboration with Honda, this car will be equipped with 45 interior and exterior cameras and sensors. It will offer a top-notch entertainment system. It will integrate the 3D graphics game engine Unreal Engine, from Epic Games, and it is planned to install 5G connectivity. We already know that Sony wants to make its car a PS5 on wheels. It will therefore certainly be possible to enjoy the latest games from the firm, as with a home console.

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