“The difficulties are far from being resolved” (Defender of rights)

900: this is the number of complaints concerning MaPrimeRénov’ (MPR) that have reached the Defender of Rights (DDD), Claire Hédon, since the publication in October 2022 of its report on the difficulties linked to the distribution of this aid. This work, as a reminder, was already based on 500 complaints addressed to its services, as it detailed in the Senate, this April 13, 2023, audited as part of the “energy renovation” commission of inquiry. The technical difficulties when filing an MPR application file are therefore still relevant, and are “far from resolved”even affirmed Claire Hédon.

“Why is the problem not solved?”

The National Housing Agency (Anah), which manages the distribution of MPR, recalls for its part that in view of the flow of 25,000 requests for assistance per week, it is natural that a certain number of files, very minority in proportion, are outstanding. An observation that does not quite convince the DDD. “If there are so few folders, why isn’t the problem solved?”she wonders. “This number should not be underestimated.”

Claire Hédon recognizes, however, that progress has been made by the agency in recent months. But, she says, there is still work to be done. “The processing times are very long for certain files, which are struggling to be resolved.” A situation that affects individuals, but also MPR agent renovation companies who have paid the end customer the amount of the premium upstream. If the DDD recognizes that it is necessary to fight against eco-delinquency, it considers that the means of control implemented for this must not “to prevent [des particuliers] to access their rights”.

Finally, she reminds that individuals need to be able to speak to a well-identified person who can solve their problem, and explain to them what exactly this problem consists of. While reiterating, asks to allow beneficiaries who so wish to be able to file a file on paper. “Dematerialization must not lead to depriving certain beneficiaries of aid. […] Any malfunction that creates an infringement of the right cannot be tolerated.”

“The flow of files in difficulty is in fact permanent”

In our columnsrecently, the director general of Anah mentioned the creation of a “specific cell” to unblock outstanding files. This has been made permanent. “The flow of files in difficulty is in fact permanent. We have reached a low point between 2,000 and 2,500, knowing that we receive around 25,000 requests per week. The management of these cases has now become an integral part of our activity”she explained.

Following the statements of the Defender of Rights (DDD) on Thursday, the National Housing Agency (Anah) also reacted today to AFP, recalling the implementation of these “very concrete measures to respond to the observations of the DDD and more broadly to improve the quality of the service provided to users”, including “the establishment of reinforced support for the oldest cases in difficulty”.

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