The doctors of Catalonia will continue to negotiate “in extremis” this Tuesday to avoid the strike.

Also on Monday, after more than five hours of meeting, the union Metges de Catalunya (MC) succeeded in reaching an agreement with the employers and the Conselleria de Salut to call off the public and state-subsidized health care strike planned for this month. January 25 and 26 and on February 1, 2 and 3. After nine-thirty in the evening, the union announced that it would continue to negotiate tomorrow, Tuesday, the day before the start of the mobilization. This was announced by the general secretary of the MC, Xavier Leonart.

A few 25,000 doctors throughout Catalonia, both in health centers and in hospitals, are called to this strike. If it finally takes place, it will be the first time such an event has taken place. second major medical strike in Catalonia in four years, since in November 2018, the doctors of the… primary care stopped for four days. The general feeling on Monday at the Salut headquarters, where journalists waited for hours, is that tomorrow, Tuesday, the mobilization will be called off, but the union also seemed to have moved closer to the employers and to Salut last Wednesday, when they met to negotiate, yet the union was unable to reach an agreement with the employers. nothing was closed today.

Metges de Catalunya complains to Salut of not having been able to propose ” measures with immediate effects”, although both parties agree on the heart of the public health problem: the lack of professionals, planning, working conditions (not only salaries, but also, for example, long hours in primary care, of which 40% are occupied by bureaucratic procedures) and the training hours of doctors. The union demands a timetable for the implementation of the measures.

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