The Drôme group LPG in China with President Macron – Le Journal des Entreprises

The cellular stimulation specialist (Cellu M6 Alliance) LPG (450 employees; €95 million turnover in 2022) was part of the delegation of French entrepreneurs alongside President Macron during his trip to China from April 5 to 8. . The Drôme company has had a subsidiary (100 employees; €14 million turnover in 2022) in Shenzhen since 2020. The opportunity to reconnect, after the long Covid truce, with local players who can contribute to accelerating the Valentin group on the Chinese market, such as the representatives of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce for foreign investment aid, the Chinese authorities in charge of cosmetics authorization or even investors such as the Cathay Capital fund. Not to mention France Chine, which supports French companies in China. LPG follows in the footsteps of large groups that are already well established, such as the SEB and Plastic Omnium groups and ETIs in the cosmetics sector (Biologique Recherche, Nuxe, etc.) with strong ambitions in the Middle Empire . “This move confirmed our ambition to become the reference brand for mid-range and high-end spas in China, the potential of which is estimated at around 10,000 points of sale”, declared Thierry Gee, President of LPG. His company, which has already installed 600 spas in 183 Chinese cities, has just signed a partnership with the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Canton.

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