The electricity tariff shield maintained until 2025, that of gas soon to be lifted

The executive is cleaning up its aid systems a bit. guest on LCIthe Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire announced the forthcoming end of the tariff shield on gas, given that the prices of the molecule seem to be returning to reasonable levels. “Prices have returned to the pre-crisis situation, 50 euros per megawatt-hour; there is no reason to maintain a shield”he said on the news channel, believing that “everyone can understand that the shield on the price of gas today no longer has a reason to exist”.

The Government, which has just emerged from the pension reform sequence, is indeed considering tackling a new project: debt reduction and the reduction of public spending. After the official end of the “whatever the cost” symptomatic of the Covid period, Bruno Le Maire must present a new roadmap for public finances for the coming years. This could also have a link with the decision on the price shield on gas.

Gradual exit

At the same time, the Bercy tenant specified that he had to meet with the gas companies to ask them to simplify the invoices so as to make them more readable for consumers. On the other hand, the tariff shield on electricity will be extended due to still very high prices. “We’re going to take longer to get out of the shield of electricity”further indicated the Minister on LCIreferring to an additional period of two years, i.e. “by early 2025”.

The goal is not to rush things either: “Getting out of the shields must be done gradually, so as not to worry our compatriots”, underlined Bruno Le Maire. While warning about the more than likely evolution of aid systems: “It’s time to put the accounts square”.

Devices “often misunderstood” VSEs

Be that as it may, these announcements were welcomed by the representatives of the self-employed. In a press release, the SDI (Union of Independents) speaks of a “good news for a majority of VSEs”. But to call to also extend the electricity buffer for small businesses consuming a lot of energy, estimated at 800,000 according to the organization.

“Although Bruno Le Maire did not mention it in his speech (…), it seems obvious to us in terms of the competitive balance that the extension of the tariff shield on electricity is accompanied by the extension of the electricity damper more specifically dedicated to small energy-intensive businesses (…)”, noted Marc Sanchez, the general secretary of the SDI. Who asks for more simplification and means around this tool “still very poorly understood and too often misunderstood by the self-employed and managers of VSEs”.

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