The first learning figures for 2022 confirm the device’s breakthrough

All is well for learning. The Covid pandemic and the energy crisis have not prevented companies in the construction sector from advancing their activity and continuing to hire, especially young people, in 2022. And although public procurement is down, just like sales of new homes, vocational training in construction and public works should continue to increase. The ecological and digital transitions already underway also represent an opportunity for young people to find their way through construction trades.

According to the first assessment drawn up by Constructys, the construction skills operator (Opco), for the year 2022, training activity increased by 6% last year, after a more sustained increase of 12% in 2021. Around 391,800 trainees were trained in 2022 (compared to 367,900 in 2021) and 89,000 apprenticeship contracts financed (82,400 in 2021), which enabled 6% more trainees to undergo training. More than 8,200 professionalization contracts were also signed last year, compared to less than 8,100 two years ago.

Opco also provides details by line of business. In construction, 76,054 apprenticeship contracts were financed in 2022, compared to 70,168 in 2021, an increase of 8%. In construction materials trading, 2,772 contracts were signed last year (after 2,630 two years ago), which represents an increase of 5%. Finally, public works recorded 10,201 contracts in 2022, compared to 9,561 in 2021 (+7%).

Extension of the one-time aid for recruiting apprentices

The extension of the one-off aid for recruiting apprentices until 2027 has undoubtedly weighed heavily in this trend, as many companies have taken advantage of the system. Among trainees, the use of the Skills Development Plan increased by 6% in 2022. The three branches of the sector have turned more to this tool, even if the increase is particularly marked among public works (+13%). In total, more than 290,500 trainees received training through the Skills Development Plan, after 274,406 in 2021.

The larger number of trainees can also be explained by an ever-increasing demand for training from VSEs (very small businesses, see box) and by the ever-consequent mobilization of the FNE-Training system, intended for companies in partial activity , in difficulty or in recovery. The number of beneficiary companies and trainees trained through the latter were multiplied by 5 in 2022 – respectively 2,158 and 16,018.

“In 2022, Constructys lived up to its commitments. The observed increase in the number of trainees trained, particularly with regard to apprenticeship contracts and training for VSEs, testifies to dynamic activity”, welcomed Richard Langlet and Joël Hélène, respectively president and vice-president of Opco. Which is currently negotiating with the State the next convention of objectives and means “which will be unveiled in early 2023”.

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