The fishing port of Lorient marks a clear decline – Le Journal des Entreprises

A turnover down by nearly 5% to 69.6 million euros for an overall production of 18,109 tonnes (-6.34%) and an average price per kg of fish at 3.85 euros ( +3.55%). The results in 2022 from the fishing port of Lorient Keroman are quite disappointing. Offshore fresh fishing suffered in particular from the impact of Brexit with a drop of around 18% in its intake to 7,124 tonnes, for a valuation of €22.3 million. Blaming very tight sole quotas, coastal fishing also fell by 18% with 4,081 tonnes landed. “The context is very difficult but we remain voluntary”, reacts Olivier Le Nézet, president of the Sem of Lorient Keroman (87 employees; 11 M€ of turnover), manager of the port infrastructures. Among the many issues to be addressed for the structure, the priority remains the reduction of an energy bill on the way to being multiplied by 3.

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