The flying boat specialist SEAir is preparing a fundraiser – Le Journal des Entreprises

Versed in the design and integration of hydrofoils for the naval and nautical industries, the Lorient-based company SEAir is preparing a new fundraiser, “from 3 to 5 million euros” according to its founder and director Richard Forest. Its objective: to develop foils by coupling them to electric pods with a propulsion force of 400 kW. “The need to exceed the 150kW of power that we already know how to achieve corresponds to the increase in capacity of the ships on which we are called upon to work”, argues Richard Forest. SEAir (15 employees including 9 engineers) develops stealth intervention boats approximately 20 meters long for the special forces within the framework of a European program (Transflytor) at the same time as passenger boats of up to 40 meters long for the Middle East. Since its creation in 2016, the company has already raised 6 million euros to develop its technology which makes it possible to relieve the hull, ensuring stability, speed and energy gain.

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