The gingerbread manufacturer Fortwenger interested in taking over the Cémoi site in Molsheim – Le Journal des Entreprises

Led by Steve Risch, the Alsatian gingerbread manufacturer Fortwenger has announced its intention to take over the Cémoi chocolate production site in Molsheim (67), which specializes in hand-decorated moldings and which has 25 employees. Employing 3,200 people, with 14 factories, including nine in France, the management of the Catalan chocolate maker – its head office is based in Perpignan – had announced at the beginning of the year its desire to separate from its Alsatian site as well asanother production site based in the Loire. This takeover would allow Fortwenger, a family-run SME with a hundred employees based in Gertwiller (67), to diversify its activities.

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