the Government will launch discussions on the concession model in 2023

For the Minister Delegate for Transport, Clément Beaune, yes, the road is “probably a great unthought of the ecological transition”. However, addressing the issue of this infrastructure and its uses is essential to achieve the greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction targets that France has set itself. Because as many speakers recalled during a symposium on this subject of the road, great unthought of the transition, on January 31, 2023, which the Minister had just closed, transport is the first source of emissions in the country (30%). And in transport, the road represents more than 90% of emissions.

Furthermore, as has been repeated throughout the day, “85% of the kilometers traveled each day are by road, evokes Clément Beaune. It is, of all mobility supports, the oldest, the first stone of human mobility and will be so for many decades to come”. She is also the “proximity support” par excellence, he continues, since “to get to the bottom of your building, in front of your house, in short to cover the last kilometer, the road is the only one that can provide this service”.

The road must carry the ecological transition “within itself”

Also it is necessary

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