The Grands Chais de France are growing in Germany – Le Journal des Entreprises

Les Grands Chais de France (GCF), a French merchant and winemaker based in Petersbach (Bas-Rhin, €900 million in turnover, 1,500 employees), is in the process of absorbing one of the largest wine producers German companies, the Zimmermann-Graeff & Müller (ZGM) group. The information was revealed by the specialized media Vitisphere, which had access to a letter sent by GCF to its customers and suppliers.

Based in Rhineland-Palatinate, ZGM vinifies the production of a thousand winegrowers from the banks of the Moselle. It has also embarked on the production of drinks for children and flavored and non-alcoholic wines. The brand should keep its independence. It joins the Heichstheim cellar (Weinkellerei Hechtsheim), based in Mainz, which the GCF acquired in 2008. With 80% of its business directed abroad, in more than 178 countries, the Alsatian group claims the title France’s leading wine exporter and fifth in the world.

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