The HLM movement “far from signing” the government’s confidence pact

After a year 2022 as bad, or even worse, than 2021, both from the point of view of the financial health of social housing organizations and that of the number of approved housing units, Emmanuelle Cosse reminded the government, on January 18 on the occasion of his wishes, that the “trust pact” he was proposing would require efforts on both sides.

The one who, before chairing the Social Union for Housing, had held the post of Minister of Housing, told the current minister, Olivier Klein, that the HLM movement was “far from putting his signature at the bottom of a common text”. And to roll out some of its proposals, such as the control of land prices, as has been done for rents, which should make it possible to produce more housing.

Less than 100,000 approved dwellings

You have 69% left to discover.

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