The HLM Offices want to direct the funds collected by Action Logement differently

While the meetings of the National Council for thematic refoundation devoted to housing are gradually ending, the Federation of DPOs (public housing offices) is issuing a series of proposals on its side. “We don’t know if our ideas will be taken up by the CNR”justifies Marcel Rogemont, president of the FOPH, which brings together social landlords held by communities.

The latter has a more than mixed opinion on the progress of the CNR, an initiative of the President of the Republic, launched at the start of the new five-year term and aimed at laying the foundations, in many areas, for the modernization of the country. The discussions of the CNR Logement were, he informed on February 15, “interesting”but “unconstructive”with uncertainty about what will actually come out of this cycle of encounters.

The conclusions of the three working groups (“better housing for our fellow citizens, first and foremost the most vulnerable” ; “build more and better, where the needs are” ; “renovating and building in a sustainable way, by taking up together the challenge of the ecological imperative”) are expected for the month of April.

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