The Jobengo application connects companies and self-employed entrepreneurs – Le Journal des Entreprises

The company Toptimz SAS (CA not communicated), based in Muntzenheim in the Haut-Rhin, launched last summer “Jobengo”, a web application to connect companies looking for skills with autoentrepreneurs, on short or medium term assignments. “I was a business manager for ten years, the shortage and the volatility of the workforce are issues that I know well”, explains Nathalie Kippelen, the manager of the company. Currently, 83 companies and around thirty auto-entrepreneurs are registered on the platform. Jobengo is ultimately aiming for between 250 and 300 entrepreneurs, in around fifteen trades that are particularly under strain. The recruiter publishes his job offer among one of the 150 job categories listed on the application and learns about the profiles that can meet his needs. Operations, like the production of invoices, are largely automated.

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