The key pension figures will change in 2023

This year, the AVS pension has been increased by 2.5%. The maximum simple AVS pension goes from CHF 28,680 to CHF 29,400 (i.e. CHF 2,450 monthly). By snowball effect, all the other key figures of the provident are modified, because they are calculated according to the figures of the AVS.

From this year, the monthly AVS pension will be between CHF 1,225 and CHF 2,450 for a single person, provided that the contribution period is 43/44 years. To obtain the maximum pension, it will also be necessary to have received, on average, an annual salary of CHF 88,200 during the entire contribution period. For couples, the pension is always set at 150% of the single pension, i.e. CHF 3,675 for a maximum pension.

On the side of 2e pillar, you will need to earn at least CHF 22,050 per year to be able to contribute to occupational pensions. According to the pension funds, however, not all of this salary will be insured, but at least CHF 3,675. Beyond these minimums, a coordination deduction of CHF 25,725 is subtracted from the salary to determine the salary insured under the BVG.

Finally, the contribution to the 3e linked pillar increases to CHF 7,056 for persons affiliated to 2e pillar and 20% of their income, but a maximum of CHF 35,280 for people not affiliated to 2e pillar. Although the banks generally remind you at the end of the year not to forget your contribution, remember to make it at the beginning of the year if possible, because the returns thus run over a longer period and on a larger sum. high.

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