The Mayenne Séché Environnement has invested 12 million euros in an innovative process at its Indian subsidiary Trédi – Le Journal des Entreprises

On June 8, in Saint-Vulbas, in Ain, the Mayenne group Séché Environnement inaugurated Maxibrome, an innovative bromine regeneration process. This new industrial tool is the result of an investment of 12 million euros. It will be able to cover almost a third of the demand of French industry. This process makes it possible to recover up to 99% of the bromine contained in waste considered hazardous, previously eliminated by incineration. This waste is now transformed into reusable bromine by the chemical or pharmaceutical industry. This will avoid the extraction of a rare natural resource, reduce water consumption (3000 times less for Maxibrome) and emit twenty times less CO2 than the production of virgin bromine. A subsidiary of the Séché Environnement group since 2002, Trédi treats and recovers the most complex waste. With more than 5,700 employees, including more than 2,500 in France, Séché Environnement generated nearly €900 million in revenue in 2022, 30% of which internationally.

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