The Mentor group from Lorraine joins the Alsatian consulting firm Triple A – Le Journal des Entreprises

The strategy was confirmed at the start of 2022, when the Bridgepoint fund entered the capital of the structure bringing together all the activities of the Mentor group from Nancy, the holding company Spartfin. “The Mentor group is an accelerator. […] Tomorrow, we will have the means to go even faster in our diversification”, then detailed Benoît Michaux, the president of the Mentor group.

Today, the Nancy-based group is continuing to put in place the building blocks of skills needed to implement the growth and diversification strategy launched by Benoît Michaux, with the integration of the consulting firm Triple A, an Alsatian firm operating in the acquisition, sale or business valuation, but also fundraising and business financing. “Backed by Triple A, the Mentor group intends to develop its business acquisition activities while giving the firm the possibility of expanding nationally and then internationally”, specifies Benoît Michaux, president of the Mentor group. , which has already brought together 120 companies within its holding company, operating in 30 different businesses and four areas of activity: finance, real estate, digital and marketing.

Become the “first French firm”

Weighing 265 million euros in turnover in 2021, the group should end the 2022 financial year with a level of activity close to 350 million euros. And if 80% of Mentor’s workforce, i.e. a total of 1,800 people, are still employed in finance, Benoît Michaux no longer makes any secret of his desire to “rebalance” the activity of his group: “The challenge is to change our positioning so that finance represents around 50% of our business within the group”.

Created in 2013, Triple A employs about fifteen people, and is located in Strasbourg, where the company’s headquarters are located, but also in Paris, Caen, Nancy, Besançon, Rennes, Lyon and Metz. Concretely, Triple A raises funds via the majority entry of the Mentor group into its capital, with the aim of developing “the first French firm of M & A and financing advice for SMEs”, specifies in a press release the mentor group. The ambitions are displayed: to become a major player in its market. The firm, whose current turnover has not been specified, plans to hire 150 people over the next two years and open around twenty offices in France and abroad, to carry out, eventually, 400 to 500 operations per year, all transactions combined, including financing operations. “This operation is a real opportunity for us to pursue our national networking strategy more quickly”, welcome the leaders of Triple A, Arnaud Picaudé, Reynald Maillot, Jérémie Walch.

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