The Mentor Group launches its own training organization – Le Journal des Entreprises

Noting that training appeared to be “an essential lever for the continued growth of the group”, the leaders of the Mentor group (turnover: €225 million; 1,300 employees) decided to open a training organization, called Mentor Institute. “Our decision to create a CFA is based on a simple observation, the growing difficulty of hiring young people leaving their studies. Work-study training through apprenticeship has become a major asset in professional integration”, underlines Florent Duloisy, Director of Mentor Institute. From February 2023, the first short training courses will be available for group employees. From March 2023, the first medium-term training courses, from 3 to 6 months, will be put in place. Finally, in September 2023, “it will be the official opening of the corporate CFA with the first classes and in particular the BTS”, specifies Florent Duloisy.

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