The Minister of Housing convenes a monitoring committee on the renovation of the private rental stock

“Amplify the actions carried out collectively by the stakeholders and accelerate the renovation of the private rental stock”. This is the objective assigned to the monitoring committee set up on April 13 by Olivier Klein, minister responsible for housing, which brings together rental management players, associations of tenants and the fight against fuel poverty, representatives of the banking sector and state services and operators.

The actors, starting with real estate professionals, keep repeating that the timetable for the gradual ban on renting thermal sieves, coupled with the reform of the Energy performance diagnostic of 2021, is likely to disrupt the rental market. 20% of the 8 million private dwellings put up for rent are sieves, says the government.

A four-pronged roadmap

Conscious of character “ambitious” of the calendar, with the first bans from 2025 for goods classified G, is counting on “this space for exchanges and work, oriented towards concrete action”For “Allow us to collectively amplify the means of our ambitions”.

The roadmap, announced several weeks ago, is based on four axes:
– Improve knowledge of the private rental stock, as well as the monitoring of renovation dynamics and the impact on rental supply;
– Mobilize the entire ecosystem of lessor owners to accelerate the renovation of the rental stock;
– Inform, raise awareness and guide landlords;
– Facilitate the renovation process for lessor owners.

This committee is intended to be a space for discussion and work on concrete and operational courses of action, in order to put the actors collectively in a position to meet the deadlines and achieve the ambitious objectives set by law. In particular, it will allow “share best practices and capitalize on actions that bring concrete results, to better inform, guide, support and encourage landlords to undertake renovation work”, says the ministry. The next committee meeting is scheduled for the end of June.

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