the minister overturns a ban in the old

This is a fear that tormented a number of professional organizations: the State would consider banning, eventually, new gas boilers in old housing. The Minister of Housing, Olivier Klein, questioned on the subject during the session of questions to the government, wanted to be reassuring: there is no “nowadays” no such prohibition objective. “We have to work collectively”he added, however, in order to find a solution “balanced”with the idea of ​​respecting the commitment of a zero-carbon France by 2050. By using the most carbon-free energy possible, this involves “to have comfort in our homes, an effect on the condo fees and the individual burdens carried by our fellow citizens”.

, he added, recalling that environmental regulations had already dealt with this subject in new construction. The thresholds that came into force in January 2022 effectively exclude

gas in the individual house; the 2025 thresholds should do the same for collective housing.

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