The mythical Carlton hotel in Cannes is being renewed after years of work

One hundred and ten years after its construction, the Carlton Cannes has had a facelift. The famous luxury hotel establishment, prized by the film stars of the festival, benefited from renovation work over the course of seven years. “stonemasons, masonsplasterers, carpenters, rooferscabinetmakers, […] the best craftsmen have been selected for this extraordinary project“, announces the establishment in a press release. “Since its inauguration in 1913, the hotel has never experienced such a transformation.

Carlton Cannes
Many trades have worked on this extraordinary site. © Carlton Cannes

Paintings, gilding and magnified moldings

At 58 boulevard de la Croisette, nothing seems to have changed. At least, from the outside. The facades have been embellished, renovated and extended with two new wings. These last “respect the existing architectural codes of the Belle Époque style, which are part of French heritage“, adds the management. The inscriptions “Carlton Hotel” on the facade have, moreover, been reproduced identically.

Inside, the companions have magnified the paintings, moldings and gilding of the jewel of Cannes. The original color of the main entrance was restored after workmen removed, one by one, layers of paint from the walls. “Under eight coats of paint, we rediscover the round columns in marbled stucco, the columns adorning the onyx doors and the gold leaf for the ornaments of the historic staircases“, describes the management of the hotel. In the large living room, the chandeliers are restored “by the same expert hands that work for the Palace of Versailless”. As for the bar counter, it is covered with raku ceramics. In addition, the creation of a garden, a pool and a meeting room are announced.

Carlton Cannes
All chandeliers have been restored. © Carlton Cannes

More than 450 companies mobilized

The company vinci Construction, architect Richard Lavelle and interior designer Tristan Auer were entrusted with the project. “From the restructuring to the extension of the new parts, all the know-how of the company has been mobilized to restore its letters of nobility to this ‘Grande Dame’.“, says Franck D’Haveloose, project director at Vinci Construction. Four hundred and fifty companies worked on this major restoration.

Carlton Cannes
The hotel is due to reopen in mid-March 2023. © Carlton Cannes

We are proud and honored to work with craftsmen who have the same passion for the trade as us. Above all, we are a place of life, and our philosophy on the human remains intact“, says Giuseppe Vincelli, general manager of the InterContinental Carlton Cannes.

This isn’t the first time the hotel has undergone renovations. The last one took place in 2009, for the restoration of the lobby and the seventh floor. For the current project, the management has chosen to close the doors of the establishment for two and a half years. The reopening of the site is scheduled for March 13, 2023, just before the Mipim.

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