The new multi-zone floor controller

Resideo launches its new Bluetooth®-enabled multi-zone floor controller to help installers simplify the installation of underfloor heating and cooling

Resideo Technologies Inc. (NYSE: REZI), a global provider of home comfort and security solutions, is launching its new Bluetooth®-enabled multi-zone floor controller to help installers simplify the installation of floor heating and cooling. floor. The Honeywell Home HCC100 control box alone can manage up to eight rooms in a home or office. Designed and manufactured in Europe, it is easily integrated and configured in new or existing installations.

This professional home comfort controller for underfloor applications provides efficient room temperature control with built-in heating and cooling control. Bluetooth® compatible, it is easily configured and configured using the Resideo Pro application. Demand control based on appliance type (boiler, heat pump, etc.) is optimized with wired and wireless zone control, all on a single platform. Designed to also work with the evohome® multi-zone thermostat, it is fully compatible with other Honeywell Home energy-saving thermostats, including the DT4.

10% of French consumers recently declared, according to the latest Resideo study, that their immediate solution to offset rising energy costs was to turn off their heating. As stopping the heating can create other long-term problems, such as frozen pipes and wet conditions, reducing heating levels is a better solution – and that’s when a Smart zoning can really help to more effectively control the temperature in the home.

Krzysztof Meinicke, Product Director EMEA, explains the importance of developing Resideo’s latest European product: “As energy costs continue to rise, efficiency standards are tightening: we are witnessing a revolution that is engulfing the entire heating industry. The abandonment of the gas boiler in favor of heat pumps, and radiators for the benefit of underfloor heating is a challenge for everyone, including installers, which is why our new Honeywell Home HCC100 controller offers a reliable solution for multi-zone underfloor heating control, both for boilers and for heat pumps.The new features of the Resideo Pro app, which guides installers through the installation and commissioning process, make it an even better choice for professional installers, who wish to offer their customers first-class service from the start.”

Notes to Editors

– Research carried out on behalf of Resideo by OnePoll in June 2022, with 1,000 owners living in: United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain and France. And 919 people were interviewed in Belgium and the Netherlands.

– The Honeywell Home brand is used under a long-term license from Honeywell International Inc Learn more: Click here

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