The next city contracts will include an operational component (ministry)

After eight years of application and two extensions, the 2015-2020 city contracts, postponed to 2022 and then to the end of 2023, must give way to a new generation of agreements between the State and the communities concerned by the priority geography of the city ​​politics. The Lamy law of 2014 had designated 1,500 districts, on the objective criterion of the poverty rate, which came to replace a myriad of criteria giving rise to countless negotiations between communities and the State.

The Minister for the City and Housing, Olivier Klein, who is familiar with city contracts as the former mayor of one of the poorest municipalities in France, Clichy-sous-Bois, launched, on his arrival in the summer of 2022, the development of the next generation of contracts, which he entitled “2030 neighborhood commitments”. At the end of April, the minister’s office provided some details on their content and the expected timetable.

A “more flexible” geography, but which remains based on the criterion of poverty according to INSEE

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