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The online printer Exaprint (400 employees, 2022 turnover: €80 million) is celebrating its twenty-fifth anniversary by buying a new building, built on its site in Mauguio (Hérault), at the gates of Montpellier. Mobilizing 2.7 million euros in the transformation of a former stock into office space, the operation makes it possible to reorganize the company: until now, it had to rent additional premises in the ZAC du Millénaire, in Montpellier, for accommodate its creative and commercial teams. Exaprint is repatriating 125 employees all at once to this new space which adjoins its three previous buildings, dedicated to the printing business. “We wanted to relocate these teams to the factory part in order to bring together all of our employees. This will allow us to generate synergy effects, reduce our operating costs, and better enhance our real estate assets”, comments François Potier. , Executive Director of Exaprint.

Human and environmental commitments

Exaprint presents this space, where 300 of its 400 employees now work, as a showcase of its commitment to quality of life at work. Designed in a “flex office” spirit, the new two-storey building includes nine meeting rooms, which can be reserved by employees as needed. The offices closest to the factory have enhanced sound insulation. Within the DTP division, the furniture is adjustable in height to adapt to the posture of each employee. “We favored spaces where everyone can meet and brainstorm. That’s the whole value of agile working. In addition, we didn’t have a physical reception in our former Millénaire premises: it’s now done, in order to welcome the training and recruitment organizations with which we work, but also the candidates”, explains Stéphanie Galinat, director of human resources at Exaprint.

In addition, Exaprint has since its origins claimed a strong commitment to sustainable development: it was in particular the first online printing company in France to be ISO 14001 certified. Since then, it has continued to invest to reduce its carbon impact: sustainable certified paper stock (FSC standard) 95%, exclusive use of vegetable-based inks with only 2% solvents, etc. On the entire Mauguio site, which covers 10,000 m2Exaprint has a fleet of photovoltaic panels of 2,000 m2. It plans to multiply the installed power by five, in order to cover 35% of its electricity consumption. François Potier specifies: “We are going to complete the coverage with photovoltaic panels, and build shade structures on the car park”, which was also extended with this operation.

A new digital strategy

Economically, Exaprint is showing sustained growth: it manages a portfolio of 40,000 active customers in France, which is increasing by nearly 1,500 references per month. The company, which closed with this inauguration a program of investments of 15 million euros on the operational part, plans to invest the same amount on the productive part. In particular, it wants to renew its machine park, but above all to acquire new digital technologies to take into account the evolution of the printing market, where it is increasingly easy to order on the Internet. “In the past, we based our model on resale, allowing our clients (communication agencies, graphic designers, etc., editor’s note) to insert our products into theirs. But today, we are launching a new space online which makes it possible to address all types of professionals: on the one hand, our historical customers who will be able to offer their services, and on the other, the end customers who will be able to place orders with them”, indicates François Potier. This is, according to the executive director of Exaprint, a strategic shift for the company, which hopes by this means to open up the market for VSEs-SMEs, or even large groups.

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