The Open Tourisme Lab accelerator wins a European project – Le Journal des Entreprises

Based in Nîmes (Gard), the accelerator with a national vocation Open Tourism Lab (OTL) has been selected for the “First Mile” program, a project launched and supported by the European Union as part of its COSME initiative, aimed at strengthening the competitiveness and sustainability of European companies and SMEs. Lasting 30 months, First Mile will make it possible to experiment with innovations stemming from behavioral sciences in order to improve the performance of 80 tourism companies in terms of eco-responsible solutions. Among the topics addressed: the intelligent use of water and energy, the reduction of waste, the development of intelligent mobility, etc. Working within a network of European partners such as AviTem (France), Minir (Norway) or AITR (Italy), OTL will, from January 2023, have to support and coach 20 French SMEs within the framework of the recommendations of the First Mile project.

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