The Parisian Pickme extends its delivery network between neighbors in Amiens – Le Journal des Entreprises

After Paris and Lyon, it is in Amiens that the Parisian start-up Pickme has chosen to set up its delivery service between neighbors. It has already set up a local community of more than 100 neighbors-relays, and intends to multiply it by 10 by the end of 2023. These individuals collect parcels from the deliverers of its logistics partners, such as DHL, Colissimo, Geodis or even GLS, when the recipients are not present. They are rewarded up to one euro per package, and thus contribute to limiting delivery failures, and the multiplication of vans passing through town. Founded in 2019 by Jessie Toulcanon, Samuel Rousseau and Florian Dufour-Rives, Pickme has more than 100,000 neighbors-relays, is experiencing a 30% increase in activity, and has national and European ambitions.

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