The Pays de la Loire Real Estate Observatory is alarmed by the lack of new housing – Le Journal des Entreprises – Loire-Atlantique

Compared to the previous year, sales volumes of new homes decreased in 2022 by 22% across the Pays de la Loire region as a whole, with 4,270 net sales. Over the last quarter, this figure has even decreased by -50% compared to the end of 2021. The Observatory of real estate in the region, Oloma, created at the end of June 2007 on the initiative of the Federation promoters and builders in the region, explains this situation by a double crisis: that of demand and that of supply. “Demand is now at half mast. In question, rates which go up and undermine many real estate projects”, analyzes Bertrand Mours, president of the Observatory.

Witnessing this reduced demand, sales times have doubled, increasing to an average of 8 months in the region in 2019, compared to 15 months today. Added to this is a supply crisis for promoters. Indeed, stocks of building land have reached a very low level, particularly in Loire-Atlantique. “In Nantes Métropole, social landlords have financed 785 housing units out of the 2,000 social housing units normally produced each year”, explains the president.

The observatory also regrets regulatory changes that make construction projects more complex and lengthen their completion time.

Future rising prices

On the issue of new housing prices, they are increasing across the country, although at quite different speeds. In the Pays de la Loire, the average is €4,600/m², an increase of +3% compared to 2021. Nantes is around €5,600/m², with an increase of 6%. “Territories like Saint-Nazaire reach + 13%”, adds Bertrand Mours. In the coming years, the president expects a further increase in these prices. “Future housing will have to meet future environmental regulations RE2020, and take into account the Net Zero Artificialisation plan, which will push prices up again,” he adds.

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