The Pays de la Loire Region and the State have invested 22 million euros in a new ship serving the island of Yeu – Le Journal des Entreprises – Maine-et-Loire

The inauguration of a ship of this size is not common. The Insula Oya III, a new ship that connects the continent to the island of Yeu, is 35 meters long and 13 wide. Faster, modern and more respectful of the environment, the Insula Oya III required an investment of 22 million euros from the Pays de la Loire Region and the State (9.3 M€). This vessel will meet changing needs over the coming decades, in terms of freight (193 t compared to 80 t) and passenger transport (391 passengers compared to 250 currently). Succeeding Insula Oya II, it will be operated by Compagnie Yeu Continent. To reduce its environmental impact, the Insula Oya III is equipped with SCR filters on the exhaust lines, and is supplied with electricity on the quayside to limit polluting and noise pollution. It took 27 months to finalize the construction and the various sea trials of the Insula Oya III, built in Concarneau and Lorient by the Piriou shipyard, in partnership with the Nantes design office Stirling Design International, which carried out the drawings.

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