The precision sheet metal specialist Appi will move into its new factory this year – Le Journal des Entreprises – Maine-et-Loire

Created in 2005 and taken over by Stéphane Robineau in June 2017 with 24 employees, Appi now employs 40 people. Based in Saint-Lambert-la-Potherie, the company specializing in precision sheet metal will set up in new premises during the summer of 2023 on the Angers Atlantique business park in Saint-Léger-de-Linières. A site whose construction represents an investment of 5.8 million euros, financed by the departmental management Sem Alter Eco. Appi will be a tenant for 20 years with the possibility of buying after 10 years. This is the 34e dossier led by Alter Eco, which has invested a total of 163 million euros in commercial real estate since 2005. The industrial sites of Meggitt in Avrillé or CAPL in Longué-Jumelles will soon follow.

4.8 million euros in turnover

Cramped in its 3,000 m premises2 in Saint-Lambert-la-Potherie, Appi will soon have 4,500 m2 of production area and 700 m2 Office. This will allow the company, which has a turnover of 4.8 million euros, to continue its growth. “We are specialists in fine sheet metal and perform both laser cutting, specifies Stéphane Robineau, director of APPI, punching, bending or mechanical welding for customers throughout France. At 80%, we manufacture complete parts with added value, the remaining 20% ​​consisting mainly of cutting work.” Appi works for various sectors such as defence, aeronautics, electronics, motorsport or capital goods.” We produce in small and medium series and have, for example, recently produced terminals for petrol stations or complete electronic boxes, adds the manager. We also worked on the last attraction of the Euro Disney park. “

60 full-time employees

Beyond the building whose construction is supported by Alter-Eco, Appi will also make investments. The company plans to begin its transfer to its new premises from May 2023, with the installation of the first machines, to move gradually and be fully operational there in October. “It will be a 4.0 factory and we are going to add around 2 million euros in new machinery and equipment, indicates Stéphane Robineau, and nearly an additional million euros for the move, in which we will also have to include a reduction of activity during this period. In total, it is a project that will approach 10 million euros.”

With its new industrial site, Appi intends to significantly increase its activity. It is going to recruit for this and plans to quickly reach a workforce of 60 people. “We want to reach 7 to 8 million euros in turnover by 2026,” says Stéphane Robineau. In its new premises, Appi will also host IDfer. At the end of 2021, the company took over the Nantes brand of street furniture and outdoor decorations that it designs, manufactures and markets on the internet.

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