The President of the Brittany Region sees further than the only “Rennes RER” – Le Journal des Entreprises

On the occasion of his greetings to the press, the President of the Brittany Region, Loïg Chesnais-Girard, spoke about the metropolitan RER project wanted by Emmanuel Macron as an alternative to the car. Rennes should be one of the ten cities selected in France for this project, provided that a local financing agreement is found. Loïg Chesnais-Girard discusses the subject with Clément Beaune, the minister in charge of transport. But behind the only “Rennes RER”, the Breton elected official sees further with a project entitled “BreizhGo Express”. “My project is to implement collective mobility that responds to our citizens who live in the countryside or in town, in central Brittany or on the coast, in a metropolis or in a small town.” The President of the Region relies in particular on bus connections. “The Fougères-Rennes is a departure every 15 minutes today. Who knows? We also have to do that around Lorient, Quimper or Saint-Brieuc. The idea is to be able to offer a efficient public transport network that allows families to abandon their second vehicle.”

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