The production of real estate loans plunges, rates soar, Bercy wonders

In the wake of usury rates which have just exceeded the symbolic threshold of 4% for all loan durations, credit rate continue their ascent in April. With credit rates mostly displayed between 3 and 3.80%, “some files could again have difficulty obtaining an agreement because of the attrition rates”, analyzes for example the online broker Vousfinancer. A situation which had been blocking at the end of the year and whose consequences are reflected in the loan production figures published by the Banque de France, still down in February to 14.6 billion euros and expected to fall to 13.7 billion in March, its lowest level since 2015.

“Most scales now show rates above 3% over all durations, and for the first time in nearly ten years we are once again seeing a bank offer a rate of 4.05% over 25 years! at the moment, these rates are not applicable because of the wear rates at 4.24% [puisqu’il faut ajouter les frais d’assurance, ndlr]it shows that the ascent is not over”explains the brokerage organization.

Wear rate: a breath of fresh air that will have been short-lived

Even if the usury rates are again up significantly in April, by 0.24 points on credit terms of 20 years and more, and by 1.19 points in total compared to the end of 2022 (4.24% in April compared to 3.05% in Q4 2022), in this context of a rapid rise in credit rates, “they could once again be a barrier to access to credit”warns the broker.

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