The roller shutter manufacturer SPPF is expanding and reorganizing its Cholet site – Le Journal des Entreprises – Maine-et-Loire

Subsidiary of the Mauges industrial group Bouyer-Leroux (€450 million in 2021 turnover), SPPF, for Doors and Closures Production Company, will increase the surface area of ​​its industrial site in Cholet from 15,000 to nearly 20,000 m2. For this, the company specializing in the production of roller shutters for bay windows, which supplies carpentry manufacturers, invests more than 10 million euros in works in two phases which have already started and will be completed at the end of 2024.

Improve storage

The first phase of work will be completed by the end of this year: SPPF will acquire a new stacker crane for its aluminum profiles. “Our site is currently saturated in terms of storage. This new stacker crane will offer 994 additional cells, specifies Stéphane Jacquet, Managing Director of SPPF. this storage will allow us to manage our stock of profiles more efficiently by bringing together in the stacker crane the racks of profiles that are currently dispersed throughout the site.” Over 22 meters high, with an aluminum frame, the new 2,450 m building2 will be surrounded by prefabricated brick walls, called prefa’bric, the latest innovation from the Bouyer Leroux group. It will also be pre-equipped to accommodate 2,500 m2 photovoltaic panels on the roof. In addition to the stacker crane, a machining area will allow the preparation of the profiles to supply the assembly of the rolling shutters. Today, the company, which already has a stacker crane for extrusion, manufactures half of its aluminum products, the other half being made of PVC.

Stephane Jacquet - SPPF.
Stephane Jacquet – SPPF. – Photo: Alain Martineau

A target of 250,000 shutters per year

The construction of the second building with a surface area of ​​1,950 m2, will start in 2024. It will allow the company to increase its assembly area from six to seven production lines and the shipping area from two to five docks. SPPF, which manufactures nearly 200,000 assembled shutters each year and supplies approximately 330,000 shutters in kit form which are then assembled by joinery manufacturers, has set itself a growth plan: “We are giving ourselves the capacity to increase production because we are in a logic of development of market shares, indicates Stéphane Jacquet. The objective is to reach the milestone of 250,000 shutters manufactured each year, i.e. 35% more production, but by remaining cautious and without fixing ourselves maturity. It will depend on market opportunities.” With 190 employees, the Cholet-based company reached 58 million euros in turnover for the 2021-2022 financial year. When it was taken over in 1996 by the Bouyer Leroux group, it had 19 employees for a turnover of 5 million euros, and still posted 44 million euros in 2019. Constantly growing, SPPF does not envisage a wave of recruitment with the expansion of its site, but continues the regular and gradual integration of new employees.

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