the roof of the Grande Arche closed to the public

The roof of the emblematic Grande Arche de La Défense, in Paris, will close its doors to the public, announced its operator since 2017, City One, in a press release quoted by Agence France presse (AFP). In question, specifies the company, operating expenses “colossal”related to “building complexity”. The space included an outdoor space, a restaurant and an exhibition space. It had already been closed to the public over the period 2010-2017 due to security constraints.

The ERP nature of this set, within a high-rise building, with the many regulations to be observed for this type of asset (safety, maintenance, upkeep, etc.), obviously did not facilitate management. profitable. All of this combined with the effects of the health crisis. Thus, more than 230,000 visitors had been registered annually before the Covid period, compared to 111,300 in 2022 (a drop of more than 50%), specifies City One. “If negotiations were initiated at our request to consider financial participation from our lessor and/or the State to keep this place open, they unfortunately did not succeed”is added.

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