The round table to address the “historical differences” in the Catalan health agreements is set up

The website employers The Unió Catalana d’Hospitals, Consorci de Salut i Social de Catalunya (CSC) and the Associació Catalana d’Entitats de Salut (Aces) and the trade unions Metges de Catalunya, CC.OO., UGT, Satse and CATAC-CTS together with the Conselleria de Salut de la Generalitat constituted the Working group responsible for harmonizing the conditions of the Catalan healthcare agreements and tackle the “historical differences” in the sector.

This was announced on Wednesday at a press conference by the Generalitat’s health conseller, Manel Balcells, who clarified that it is a advice tool who will formulate proposals to be discussed at the union negotiation tables for these agreements.

The first meeting of the new Bureau will take place on February 15 and meetings will be at least once per quarter, although the sub-committees and increase the frequency of meetings between all the social agents represented in the Catalan health system.

For Balcells, the constitution of this Board is a “significant step”. which was reflected in Govern’s agreement with the desire to have a global vision of the Catalan health system and its workers, wherever they work, he said.

“We are ready to work with what unites us”, Asked why they seek harmonization and not equalization of agreements, the health official said the aim is to harmonize upwards and not to reduce workers’ rights and conditions.

The Director General of the Catalan Health Institute (ICS), Yolanda Lejardi, considers that the search for this harmonization of the conditions of health workers in Catalonia is “key”.


The President of La Unió Catalana d’Hospitals, Enric Mangas, ensured that this workbench will produce results even if “it won’t be easy” because the positions between the different social partners on the negotiation of agreements on health care will be different.

The President of the Consorci de Salut i Social de Catalunya, Manel Ferre, said that this round table will be used to discuss all issues that affect the Catalan health system so that it is of high quality, accessible and meets all the requirements of a changing society.

For the general manager of Aces, Anna Zarzosa, this Wednesday received a “significant and historic step”. which will make the healthcare system attractive to workers and citizens.

Metges de Catalunya

The representatives of Metges de Catalunya have ruled out participating in the press conference because, given that there is a strike in two weeks They wanted to “maintain consistency” with the doctors they represent.

They have also assured that they will be present at any working table that will deal with the The health problems of the Catalans although they assured that it gives them ” very scary “ this tool because it is a non-binding opinion, even if we recognize the political will to harmonize the conventions.

Other unions

The General Secretary of the Health Federation of CC.OO. of Catalonia, Alicia Hernández, said that this is an opportunity to move towards homogenization: “We will continue to work to make it a reality as soon as possible and to ensure optimal health care, he said.

For the member of CGU Rosa Pérez, this roundtable is an “important” tool and argued that they will demand a better health budget from the government in order to improve the working conditions of health professionals.

The regional secretary of Satse Catalonia, Montse Peña, underlined the importance of this roundtable for nursing professionals, whose conventions are very different from those of other health workers, and pleaded for progress towards equalization between professional categories.

Of CATAC-CTS, Jesús Frías recalled that the union has always defended a single agreement for Catalan health care and believes that this is a “very important first step” for the management of health care to be 100% public.

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