The Socrate association wants to decarbonize the Seine Axis – Le Journal des Entreprises

Haropa Port and the business associations of the 3 industrial-port zones, Synerzip-LH (ZIP havraise), Industries Caux Seine (INCASE – companies from Port-Jérôme) and Upside Boucles de Rouen (chemical companies), have created the association SOCRATE (Synergy for a Collective and Reasoned Organization on the Seine Axis of Energy Transition), in order to carry out the collective project of decarbonization of the Seine axis. A structuring which intervenes following the announcement by Roland Lescure, Minister Delegate in charge of Industry, during his visit to the Yara factory in Gonfreville-l’Orcher on April 28, of financing for the project within the framework of the ZIBAC call for projects, up to 7.4 million euros, out of a total of 15 million euros. The studies financed will make it possible to define the decarbonization trajectory of the Seine axis. The response to the call for projects integrates several decarbonization levers: energy efficiency and sobriety, new energies, industrial ecology, carbon capture and storage, as well as the themes of acceptability, territorial resilience. , training and employment.

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