The State chooses Sogelink and its asbestos solution360

Banned in France since January 1, 1997 because of its dangerousness, asbestos is still ubiquitous in many buildings, materials and construction products (joints, glues, floor tiles, false ceilings, etc.). To reduce the risk of exposure as low as possible, the owners of public or private buildings must meet numerous obligations governed by constantly changing regulations. To support them in their efforts, Sogelink created the Amiante360 software solution in 2015.

Available online, by subscription, Amiante360 is intended to facilitate the mapping of asbestos in buildings and the associated regulatory procedures.
The solution notably offers simplified management of Asbestos Technical Files (DTA).
As part of the DIE contract won by Sogelink, Asbestos360 will contribute to:

– Increase the awareness of site managers of public establishments of their regulatory obligations and support them in asbestos monitoring;
– Set up a renovation program for buildings at risk;
– Support the ramp-up of maintenance and rehabilitation works.

This vast DIE project, called DTA-theque, was launched a few weeks ago and will be deployed on a large scale in the second half of 2023.
The Sogelink teams are already at work to make the Amiante360 solution available to the various State departments and to guarantee compliance with the schedule for this project.
This is not the first notable success for Sogelink, which also obtained a favorable opinion from CEVALIA* in 2021 for its Amiante360 solution, as part of the Asbestos Research and Development Plan (PRDA)**. This is also the second State project entrusted to the group since the latter had been chosen in 2010 by INERIS (National Institute for the Industrial Environment and Risks) to develop and operate a one-stop shop giving access to prior information at the start of work.

“We are very happy with the trust placed in us by the DIE through this large-scale project. When we launched Amiante360 in 2015, we knew there was a lot to be done to secure buildings in France and reduce the risk of exposure to the lowest possible level. We are delighted that our solution can support these procedures and is now chosen by the State. It is a great recognition of the work accomplished by the Sogelink teams for 7 years now”explains Fatima Berral, CEO of Sogelink.

Key figures:
106,390 – the number of State buildings affected by the DTA-theque project;
Nearly 100 million m² – it is the surface area of ​​the building impacted in France and abroad (consulates and embassies);
About 10,000 – the number of users who will have access to the tool to manage the asbestos present within the various structures. All state services will be impacted.

* and ** confers press release “Asbestos risk: the State Real Estate Department (DIE) chooses Sogelink and its Amiante360 solution” to be found on – “our news” sections

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