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“There is no revolution”. Simply a logical continuation for Luc Tournaire. After 43 years with the company that bears his name, specialized in industrial packaging in Grasse since 1833, and at the dawn of his 70th birthday, the manager retired. Vincent Monziols, 49, takes over, becoming Chairman of Tournaire Groupe Holding and Managing Director of Tournaire SAS (2021 turnover: €90 million, 330 employees). “The family has become a minority, with the entry at the end of September of Motion Equity Partner (independent private equity player in Europe which took the majority of the capital, Ed) and with an ambitious roadmap. And that can only be achieved with ambitious men, not men at the end of their careers, that goes without saying,” smiles Luc Tournaire.

Deployment on five continents

Vincent Monziols is therefore there to embody the ambitions of the new shareholder. A graduate of École Polytechnique and AgroParisTech, he has spent most of his career in industry with Saint-Gobain, after starting his career in venture capital and then developing a growth. “My job is to lead companies, men and women. I don’t like holding, corporate functions, explains the newly appointed manager. The roadmap is simple: growth, growth, growth. The he Tournaire company has enormous resources. Motion Equity Partners is to provide it with more resources to deploy its full potential, to increase capacities, to ensure geographic expansion, either through external growth or by setting up factories in certain countries, and within five years, to be well established on all continents.”

Luc Tournaire will remain present alongside Vincent Monziols over the next six months to support this transition. He will then remain a member of Tournaire’s supervisory board, with a role of “rather technical adviser”.
The post of chairman of the supervisory board is now occupied by Olivier Caix, former chairman and managing director of the Diana group, and chairman and founder of Caelestys, an investment structure specializing in health, food and well-being.

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