The Trump Organization ordered to pay 1.6 million for tax evasion

The website Trump Organizationby former President Donald Trump, was ordered to pay a fine of 1.6 million dollars for tax evasion and other offenses committed as part of a scheme to help some of its top executives evade taxes for 15 years.

The Trump Corporation and the Trump Payroll Corporation, two subsidiaries of Mr. Trump’s business empire, received 1.5-year terms. the maximum fine possible under New York law. for tax evasion, falsification of commercial documents and conspiracy.

Prosecutors defined the plan as “far-reaching and audacious” and having as its main objective. compensate the officers of the entity “off the books”.. This is the first conviction by a judge against the companies of the former president.

Last December, two collaborators of the Organization were found guilty of 17 criminal charges. One of these frames was Allen Weisselbergthe company’s former chief financial officer, who pleaded guilty to tax evasion last summer and agreed to cooperate with authorities.

The Manhattan district attorney’s office charged Weisselberg with. receiving $1.7 million inasmuch as a form of compensation for the evasion carried out over more than a decade.. This payment would have taken the form of the rental of luxury apartments, furniture, Mercedes cars for him and his wife or the payment of tuition fees in public schools attended by his grandchildren.

Weisselberg and Trump’s companies “achieved and profited from widespread fraud.” for more than ten years,” prosecutor Alvin Bragg said in a statement.

“While corporations cannot serve prison sentences, this conviction and this severe sentence reminds companies and leaders that it is impossible to evade taxes and get away with it.. It is also an important reminder that our state law must change so that we can impose more meaningful sentences and penalties on corporations who commit crimes in New York,” Mr. Bragg said.

Former President Donald Trump has not been charged, but has expressed disagreement with the verdict against his company. ” New York has become the crime and murder capital of the world.However, these politically motivated prosecutors will stop at nothing to corner President Trump and… continue the endless witch hunt that began the day he announced his presidency.“said the Trump Organization in a press release.

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