The Vendée construction group Herige presents the first results of its academy – Le Journal des Entreprises – Loire-Atlantique

Created a year ago byhe Vendée group Herige (2,500 employees and €800 million in turnover), which notably includes three subsidiaries (ATLANTEM, EDYCEM and VM Matériaux), the Herige academy has just delivered its first report. Twelve managers from all branches of the construction group took part in the first promotion of the Leader course entitled “Transformation and Global Performance”. At the same time, 69 other managers followed the Sprint managers module “The levers of profitable growth”. Finally, nearly 700 employees have enrolled in the Digital Campus to develop their learning independently. “Herige Académie aims to go beyond compulsory and technical training. Everyone must be an actor and master of their own development, and we provide them with all the keys to support them, declares Guillaume de Kervénoaël, HRD of the Herige Group. The world is changing, human development is essential for the company and essential for everyone to preserve their employability. Our objective is to become an organization where learning and knowledge sharing are permanent.”

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