The Vosges version of the Alizé system has enabled the realization of 5.3 million euros of investments in 2022 – Le Journal des Entreprises

A scheme aimed at supporting SMEs in the development of an economic activity that generates jobs, the Vosges version of the Alizé scheme, for local inter-company action in the employment zone, has made it possible, in 2022, to create 47 jobs, maintain 294 others, and trigger 5.3 million euros of investment. In total, over the year, eleven applications were granted, for an amount of aid of €293,000. Operational for 10 years, the Alizé system in the Vosges has made it possible to make a total investment of 58 million euros, for the creation of 388 jobs. Launched as part of a call for projects from the European Social Fund, the Alizé system was formalized in the Vosges by an agreement signed on January 18, 2013 and then renewed each year, between the State, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry , companies and the French Banking Federation.

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