The wines of Occitania are on the lookout for the recovery of the Chinese economy – Le Journal des Entreprises

The regional economic development agency Ad’Occ and the Maison de la Région Occitanie in Shanghai have just supported 21 wine companies in Chengdu (China). Three major events were organized there: the Tang Jiu Hui alcoholic beverages fair, the OFF fairs and Tastin’France. In addition, 75 regional companies were able to exhibit in Shenzhen 106 premium cuvées selected by Matthew Stubbs, Master of Wine, during a new event entitled “The Master Collection – Top Scoring Cuvées Sud de France.” China is, in volume, the 7th export market for Occitanie wines and the 3rd for AOC exports. After a significant market downturn since 2019 due to the health crisis and a reorganization of market players, the recovery of the Chinese economy suggests significant dynamism for wine demand.

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