“We all know that global renovation is the most effective”, P. Boussemart (Sto)

It is a study that caused a reaction: researchers from the University of Cambridge carried out a study focusing on the energy savings generated by the insulation of roof spaces and walls, by concluding that the energy gains would disappear only a few years after the completion of the work. As a reminder, this survey analyzed the evolution between 2005 and 2017 of the gas consumption of 55,000 households located in England and Wales and having carried out thermal renovation projects (insulation of roof spaces and cavity walls) within their accommodations.

The result, rather surprising, did not fail to make react the French professionals of the insulation, who insist on putting in perspective the object and the methodology specific to this study. Philippe Boussemart, Managing Director of Sto France and President of Mur Manteau, a group of manufacturers manufacturing ITE systems (thermal insulation from the outside), explains to Batiactu to what extent the conclusions of this academic work must be taken, according to him, with tweezers. And calls on the public authorities to put the appropriate means on the table once and for all.

Batiactu: What was your reaction on learning about this study? And what do you think of the topics it raises?

Philippe Boussemart: It caused an announcement effect going against the majority discourse on the subject. Today, and this is what makes this study incomplete, there are

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