what Europe must do to reindustrialize in the face of China

The climate emergency requires accelerating the energy transition, and therefore granting more space to renewable energies (REC). As its connection levels soar and it enjoys government supportthe photovoltaic solar sector nevertheless remains confronted with a major problem: its industrial production capacities.

Indeed, the massive electrification of uses to achieve national decarbonization objectives will cause electricity demand to explode in the coming years. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), global electricity production will reach 37,723 terawatt-hours in 2030, including 7,552 TWh (20%) for photovoltaics. In 2050, the sliders would be pushed even further: 73,231 TWh for global production, including 27,000 TWh for photovoltaics (37%). Installed photovoltaic capacities will be multiplied by 7 to 22 by 2050.

In 2021, global module production reached 175 gigawatts. Problem: at present, 80% of the photovoltaic component production chain is dominated by China (18% by Southeast Asia). In order to be able to respond to global demand while guaranteeing a form of energy sovereignty, Europe would therefore benefit from once again showing its muscles, as it has been a significant industrial player in photovoltaics right down to

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