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When Fabien Monvoisin founded Crédit Conseil de France in 1997, to offer loan consolidation to individuals, his activity developed through the creation of physical branches. Over time, digital technology, in particular, has come to disrupt habits. In twenty-five years, the Bretillien has thus broadened its model, giving birth to the Win’Up group (formerly MBN Group; 160 employees). This now includes Crédit Conseil de France (39 franchise branches, 1 owned and 5 co-managed), but also Money Up (loan consolidation wholesaler), Bank’r (loan company for professionals) since 2022 and being rolled out for 2023.

“Faced with the crises we are going through, we have to move towards other acquisition channels, other products and other markets”, explains the Rennes manager. The Covid, in particular, had caused the group’s activity to drop by 30% in 2020. “This prompted us to reinvent ourselves and to accelerate digitalization projects, to seek new customers”, he continues. For its flagship based in Mabilay Rennes, Crédit Conseil de France (20 employees + 100 people among franchisees), Fabien Monvoisin intends to continue the development of franchises, with the opening in early 2023 of agencies in Vannes, Brest, Tourcoing , Saint-Etienne and Chateauroux. Then 10 agencies per year until 2026. And at the same time, he intends to make their work easier thanks to digital and new technologies.

Digital tools for Crédit Conseil de France

Win’Up is currently investing in the development of IT solutions that will enable automated management of a credit consolidation file. “By entering the data of our lending partners (banking establishments specializing in loan consolidation financing, editor’s note), our advisers will benefit from decision-making assistance, and the orientation of files, specifies Fabien Monvoisin. This allows save time, but also to recruit employees more easily!” Similarly, the company now wants to do without buying leads (contacts and potential customers) to be able to generate its own customer traffic. “To do this, we have opened a “landing factory”, which creates content for mini-websites which will soon bring us our own exclusive leads”, explains the CEO of Win’Up. This system makes it possible to reduce the time taken to make contact with a prospect, in order to win customers in an ultra-tight market. For this, Win’Up has signed with the Brittany telecom operator Hexatel, based in Noyal-sur-Vilaine, to directly connect its telephony to its CRM tool and thus “make the customer experience more reliable”.

With his new technological tools, Fabien Monvoisin says he is “ready for a second half of 2023 which promises to be prolific in terms of demand, just like 2024. The household budget is impacted by inflation, after having suffered from the Covid and the rise real estate prices. We should see an increase in loan consolidation requests, he analyzes. In addition, in our field, many credit consolidation players are bought out by investment funds, which which will cause a redistribution of the cards and market shares. We remain 100% independent and Breton.”

Recruit 50 agents for Money Up

In this context, and after having regained its 2019 level of activity (turnover not communicated), Win’Up hopes to maintain the bar and once again achieve profitability in 2024. In order not to suffer the vagaries of economic activity, the Breton leader has also decided to diversify his markets. And he puts marbles in several projects. Starting with Money Up, created six years ago to carry out a “packager” activity in intermediation in credit consolidation (a kind of wholesaler, intermediary between banks and lending organizations). The structure already employs around forty independent agents and is launching a major recruitment campaign to complete its national network of 50 new ambassadors. “Our objective is to double the financial volume of the brand in 2023”, hopes Fabien Monvoisin.

Relaunch of

At the same time, his group is reactivating a site he had tried to launch in 2019 and called It is a 100% web service, a credit consolidation specialist, like Crédit Conseil de France, but without any agency. All files are intended to be processed online. “What didn’t work in 2019 was people,” says Fabien Monvoisin. Clearly, the person recruited for the launch did not do the trick, and the project was put on hold due to the global pandemic. “From now on, the “full web” is a means of consumption for many French people, who no longer necessarily need physical contact. This time, we have reviewed the model. We are going to create a team totally dedicated to FDMP.” Win’Up is therefore recruiting 10 employees in Rennes, according to profiles of curious people, comfortable on the phone and with commercial sensitivity., and that he will train in his processes. “We offer 35-hour employment contracts over 4 days a week,” says the manager, who wants to put assets in the balance of recruitment.

Bank’r to open up to professionals

Finally, after focusing on individuals, Win’Up is now opening up to the professional market. With two partners, Julien Boudekhane and Joseph Malfait, Fabien Monvoisin launched Bank’r in 2022. The young company offers financing and wealth management solutions for professionals “who have not found solutions with their banker because that they have an atypical situation for example, specifies Fabien Monvoisin. In the current context, there is a real market that is opening up to us.” Bank’r will be able to analyze requests for cash financing, goodwill, commercial walls, in the form of loans or even leasing. “The offer is structured, we have four employees, and the structure is already profitable. From now on, we are recruiting agents, who will work as brokers with specialized establishments in our network, which do not necessarily have a storefront” . By 2026, Bank’r should have 50 agents throughout France.

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