Without an access road, the whole of Lyon-Turin is in danger, alert parliamentarians

Incoherent, contrary to the ambitions and the word given by France, unfavorable to the ecological transition, and risky in terms of its financing and even the economic balance of the entire line. These are some of the arguments of parliamentarians ranging against the proposal of the Infrastructure Orientation Council (IOC) to postpone until 2045 the delivery of the French access tracks to the Lyon-Turin railway tunnel which will be put into service in 2032. Like the tracks on the Italian side.

“Can France wait almost fifteen years to respect its international commitments, challenges Etienne Blanc, senator LR of the Rhône. All the international treaties and financing agreements provide that the access points are ready when the tunnel is handed over so that a maximum number of trains can circulate. However, the construction of the tracks in France is still not scheduled. And the Government, which is currently working on a new trajectory for its investments in infrastructure, should not follow the advice of the COI to the letter, according to him and the sixty or so parliamentarians from all political persuasions who met on 12 April 2023, to launch an appeal directly to the President of the Republic.

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